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Transforming videos into summaries and mind maps

Say goodbye to long hours of video watching. Voxwave empowers you to condense extensive YouTube content into concise 1-minute insights. Read, save, and share your summarized videos effortlessly.

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Nothing speaks louder than the voice of our users. Here's what they have to say about Voxweave.

I love Voxweave! It's a great tool for summarizing videos and creating subtitles. I've been using it for a while now and it's been a great help in my work. I highly recommend it!

Alex Erfurt

I had a dream to learn a lot of mathematics, but I didn’t have enough time for that so now I’m using this app to generate complete “book” for all the lectures. Overall speech recognition is good enough so it can understand all the terms I need. Summarization is good too. Looking forward for new types of schemas, so it will be interesting to organize all the topics.

Egor Gavrilov

I can't believe how Voxweave transformed my learning experience. As a busy marketer, staying updated is crucial. Voxweave's AI-powered Video Summaries are actually the most accurate.

Clint Marshall

Nice app, I like it. I'm using it to summarize my lectures and it's very helpful. I'm looking forward to new features.

Francesco Bruno

I've been looking for such a tool for a while. This is the only summarizer that understands so many languages and automatically translates into English. The app works perfectly.

Oksana Petrova

The most clear interface, the most comprehensive output. Mind map generation is amazing!

Lynda Simmons

Read what you have no time to watch

Voxweave provides direct solutions to YouTube video transcription and summarization challenges. This is a powerful, user-friendly platform that transforms the tedious process of manual transcription into a seamless, time-saving experience.

Learn More in Less Time

Say goodbye to the constraints of listening. With Voxweave, you can read the content at your own pace, saving you valuable time and allowing you to absorb information whenever it suits you.

Generate Mind Maps

Voxweave offers a unique feature that allows you to generate mind maps from your video summaries. This visual representation of the content helps you understand and remember the information better.

Break Language Barriers

Explore foreign content like never before. Voxweave supports: • Arabic (ar) • Bengali (bn) • Bulgarian (bg) • Chinese simplified and traditional (zh) • Croatian (hr) • Czech (cs) • Danish (da) • Dutch (nl) • English (en) • Estonian (et) • Finnish (fi) • French (fr) • German (de) • Greek (el) • Hebrew (iw) • Hindi (hi) • Hungarian (hu) • Indonesian (id) • Italian (it) • Japanese (ja) • Korean (ko) • Latvian (lv) • Lithuanian (lt) • Norwegian (no) • Polish (pl) • Portuguese (pt) • Romanian (ro) • Russian (ru) • Serbian (sr) • Slovak (sk) • Slovenian (sl) • Spanish (es) • Swahili (sw) • Swedish (sv) • Thai (th) • Turkish (tr) • Ukrainian (uk) • Vietnamese (vi)

Subtitles Made Simple

Transform your YouTube content with ease. Create accurate and polished subtitles effortlessly, enhancing accessibility and engagement for your audience. Elevate the impact of your videos with professional, reader-friendly subtitles.

1-2-3 and you learned everything

This is the seamless journey of turning your videos into insightful transcriptions and summaries with just a few clicks. No technical wizardry required; our user-friendly interface puts the magic at your fingertips.

Paste a link to a YouTube video

Copy the link to the video you want to transcribe and paste it into the Voxweave app.

Transcribe the video

Click the "Summarize" button and wait for the transcription to be completed.

Your subtitles and summary is ready!

You can now read the summary, check subtitles, learn and share it with others.

Simple and straightforward pricing



The perfect plan to get started with our powerful transcription service. Whether you're a casual user or testing the waters, the Starter Plan offers ample units for your introductory needs.

  • Transcribe 15 videos
  • Summarize 15 videos
  • Mind maps for 15 videos
  • Save and share your transcriptions
  • 24-hours support response time
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The most used plan by our users. Ideal for professionals and content creators who don't want to spend a lot of time watching professional content. This plan provides a generous allowance of units to accommodate your diverse transcription needs.

  • Transcribe 50 videos
  • Summarize 50 videos
  • Mind maps for 50 videos
  • Save and share your transcriptions
  • 24-hours support response time
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Maximize the capabilities of our transcription and summarization service by opting for the Business Plan. You get more units + premium support.

  • Transcribe 100 videos
  • Summarize 100 videos
  • Mind maps for 100 videos
  • Save and share your transcriptions
  • 1-hour response time with premium support via chat
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Our app stands out by effortlessly transcribing lengthy videos and providing concise summaries. The user-friendly interface ensures you're just one click away from ready-made subtitles and summaries. Save and share your summaries, and even craft social media posts based on your transcriptions. It's a time-saving powerhouse with unlimited transcriptions.
Easily transcribe videos by providing a link from YouTube, Vimeo, or X (Twitter). Currently, YouTube yields the best and most tested results. Enjoy seamless transcription with our subscription service.
The AI-driven transcription guarantees solid output, though, like any AI, minor inaccuracies may occur. We're continually refining accuracy, and future versions will offer even greater precision at a higher tier. Please note that the current model excels with English videos, and we're actively working to support more languages.
While our current model excels in English, we're expanding language support to include French, Spanish, German, and Russian in the near future. Stay tuned for even broader language accessibility.
Absolutely, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription anytime. Our secure transactions via Lemon Squeezy ensure a hassle-free process. Be aware that if you cancel with remaining units on your balance, they will expire within a few days. Your satisfaction, your terms.

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