How to Improve Your Marketing Workflow

As a marketer immersed in the dynamic world of digital content, you're well aware of the constant influx of information, whether it's in the form of videos or audios. The struggle to manage this vast sea of data is real, and finding time to organize it efficiently can be a daunting challenge.

Summarize Meetings and community calls

In the marketing realm, regular meetings and working calls are the norm to keep everyone on the same page. However, the key lies in summarizing these interactions into digestible bits for your coworkers and community.

Prepare Press Releases

In the fast-paced world of presentations and events, the invaluable information shared during these occasions often gets recorded for future reference. However, the challenge lies in efficiently transforming these recordings into impactful press releases that can be seamlessly distributed to various media outlets.

Imagine a scenario where the entire process of crafting a compelling press release becomes not just efficient but also a time-saving endeavor. This is where leveraging technology to assist copywriters and news makers can revolutionize your approach.

Enter a smarter, more streamlined solution – a tool that not only simplifies the preparation of press releases but also ensures they are ready for dissemination across different media services. By utilizing such tools, you can significantly cut down the time and effort traditionally invested in creating these crucial documents.

Consider the benefits of automating the process. As every presentation and event is recorded, this tool can efficiently extract key information and present it in a format that mirrors a professionally crafted press release. The result? A document that's not only media-ready but also serves as a time-efficient resource for your communication strategy.

How does Voxweave work

The process is straightforward.

  • Go to Register page. Upon registration, you will receive 3 free summaries 🎁 from popular podcasts, allowing you to evaluate the results more quickly;
  • Feed Voxweave with inputs from YouTube;
  • Wait for it ✨

The magic happens as Voxweave swiftly transcribes your content, providing you with accurate subtitles, press release and even mind map visual representation.

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